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Experimenting with Open Source in Higher Ed

David Nailey has a new post on experimenting with open source in higher education. From the post:

Ironically, sometimes the problem is that open source communities are too helpful. We understand failure as part of the learning process, and give inexperienced contributors the benefit of the doubt. In a meritocracy, people don’t stop you from doing things–they support individuals in their pursuit of a goal, regardless of how wise that end goal might be.



Stephen Downes has a new post linking to a video introducing gRSShopper, which is open source personal aggregation/publishing software.

Using CC0 for Public Domain Software

Mike Linksvayer has a new post on why it isn’t a good idea to using the CC0 license for public domain software. From the post:

We hadn’t set out with CC0 to improve on public domain dedications for software. However, since the release of CC0, we’ve been approached a number of times about using CC0 to dedicate software to the public domain. While we were happy to hear of this unanticipated demand, we wanted to tread very carefully so as to not create any unintended consequences for the free software ecosystem.

Note: Mike Linksvayer clarifies that it is actually acceptable to use CC0 for public domain software.

Instructure Receives Investment Money

Several websites are reporting that the LMS company Instructure has received $8 million in funding. The company’s LMS, Canvas, is open source. Coverage from ReadWriteWeb, ZDNet Education and the Wall Street Journal.

Openness is Inevitable?

Glyn Moody has a new post discussing why openness is inevitable. From the post:

Opening up a technology allows others to contribute innovations that individual companies might never have devised on their own, or at least much more quickly. By sharing the benefits, the task of pushing forward a project is divided among the participants – the more people that use and contribute, the faster and deeper the development.

Saving Money with Calibre and LibreOffice

John Spencer has a new post on how he saves money with Calibre and LibreOffice.

OER Discussion Thread

There is an interesting discussion thread on the future and challenges facing open educational resources on GETideas.org.