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CSCL Intro

Stian Haklev has a new post introducing CSCL, an open online course. From the post:

We have been planning this course for a very long time, and to see people sign up, begin to blog, engage with the readings (and each other), tweet, comment on the P2PU site etc, is very exciting and rewarding!


Open Course Participation

Alan Levine has a new post chiding people for apologizing when sporadically participating in open courses. From the post:

There is no “sorry” in an open course. The “open” means you enter when you want and exit when you want and in between you do what you want. Are we that conditioned to think that we are letting someone down when we put other priorities above doing coursework for which we get no credit?

More on OERGlue

Nottingham University have posted a presentation by Joel Duffin on OERGlue.

Jim Groom and the DS106 Interview

Jim Groom has posted his response to a series of questions given to him by a student in the UK. From the interview:

And the take away? None of this would have happened if the course wasn’t open and the networks weren’t in place.


Jim Groom has a new post on ds106.tv, an Internet broadcast for the open course ds106. From the post:

During karaoke Friday I had this idea to do a nightly news cast wherein I talk about a particular element of ds106, have call-in guests, interview students, etc.

Behind P2PU

Philipp Schmidt has a new post on how P2PU works behind the scenes. From the post:

P2PU currently relies on grant funding to cover its expenses. After a small start-up grant from the Hewlett Foundation in 2009, the Shuttleworth Foundation has been our main supporter and sponsor so far. The School of Webcraft is a little bit different – it’s a joint undertaking with the Mozilla Foundation.

Call for Papers on “Emergent Learning”

Tony Bates has a new post announcing a call for papers on “emergent learning.” The call does mention open educational resources.