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OCW Efforts in Higher Ed

Mark Jaycox has a new post providing an overview of recent OCW efforts in higher education. From the post:

The Open University plans to develop free, open courseware that will aide students in meeting prerequisite math courses. The program, called “Bridge to Success” (B2S), will use high-quality open educational material, like MIT’s Open Courseware, to combine multimedia content with traditional pre-algebra concepts.


Linking Research Papers to OER

Nick Sheppard has a new post on linking research papers to open educational resources. From the post:

With such an approach, is there perhaps an opportunity to tie research and OER more closely together at an institutional level (if this isn’t politically naive!) and contribute to research led teaching?

Incentives to Use OER

A mindmap has been posted on incentives to use open educational resources.

Need for Credit in Open Science

The Guardian has a new post on the need for attribution in open science. From the post:

Basically, scientists are only as good as their ideas, and even though ideas may be ephemeral, the credit for those ideas is not. Credit gets jobs, keeps jobs, gets funding, attracts students and bestows respect and international standing in the community.

More on OERGlue

Nottingham University have posted a presentation by Joel Duffin on OERGlue.

Reminder: OCWC Conference May 4-6

We received a press release reminding us that the OpenCourseWare Consortium will be held May 4-6 in Boston.

Why and How of Open Education

Andreas Meiszner has posted a book on “The Why and How of Open Education”.