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Alternatives to Google Book Settlement

Pamela Samuelson has published an article exploring possible alternatives to the now failed Google Book Settlement. From the post:

This article explores a number of component parts of a legislative package that might accomplish many of the good things that the proposed settlement promised without the downsides that would have attended judicial approval of it.


CC Global Meeting 2011

Jane Park has a new post discussing the Creative Commons Global Meeting 2011. From the post:

The event will bring together affiliates from more than 70 jurisdictions, CC staff, as well as a number of CC Board members.

No Copyright Still Means Business

Mike Masnick has a new post arguing that people can still make money without relying on business. From the post:

There are lots of business models that seem to work quite well for people who can and do connect with their fans — and one of the best ways to connect is to get the actual writing out there and get people hungry for more and more and more.

Flat World Knowledge Releases Customization Platform for Their Textbooks

Flat World Knowledge has issued a press release announcing a “Make It Your Own” textbook customization platform.

Copyright and Vagueness

Bradley E. Abruzzi has published an article discussing the relationship between copyright and the “vagueness doctrine.” From the abstract:

The Constitution’s void-for-vagueness doctrine is itself vaguely stated. The law does little to describe at what point vague laws – other than those that are entirely standardless – might be unconstitutionally vague. Rather than explore this territory, the Supreme Court has identified three “collateral factors” that affect its inclination to invalidate a law for vagueness…

Thanks to Christine A. Corcos for the link.

Social Inclusion Through OER

Gráinne Conole has started a page on Cloudworks to discuss social inclusion through open educational resources.

Incentives to Use OER

A mindmap has been posted on incentives to use open educational resources.