CC Global Meeting 2011

Jane Park has a new post discussing the Creative Commons Global Meeting 2011. From the post:

The event will bring together affiliates from more than 70 jurisdictions, CC staff, as well as a number of CC Board members.


Open Education Video Overview

YouTube user “educationopened” has posted a short one and a half minute video introducing open education. Thanks to yvideotweets for the link.

“Promise and Peril” of Universal Libraries

Adrian Johns has posted on the “promise and peril” of universal libraries, specifically looking at the Google Book Project. From the post:

As it happens, I do not think that the Google Books project really is directed primarily at “machine learning.” If it were, the metadata standards would have been better, and Google would have been less insouciant about the problems with such data that have been widely acknowledged.

No Copyright Still Means Business

Mike Masnick has a new post arguing that people can still make money without relying on business. From the post:

There are lots of business models that seem to work quite well for people who can and do connect with their fans — and one of the best ways to connect is to get the actual writing out there and get people hungry for more and more and more.


Stephen Downes has a new post linking to a video introducing gRSShopper, which is open source personal aggregation/publishing software.

Open Course Participation

Alan Levine has a new post chiding people for apologizing when sporadically participating in open courses. From the post:

There is no “sorry” in an open course. The “open” means you enter when you want and exit when you want and in between you do what you want. Are we that conditioned to think that we are letting someone down when we put other priorities above doing coursework for which we get no credit?

Flat World Knowledge Releases Customization Platform for Their Textbooks

Flat World Knowledge has issued a press release announcing a “Make It Your Own” textbook customization platform.