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School of Webcraft Job Opening

The Mozilla Foundation has a job opening for a Program Manager over the School of Webcraft.

Experimenting with Open Source in Higher Ed

David Nailey has a new post on experimenting with open source in higher education. From the post:

Ironically, sometimes the problem is that open source communities are too helpful. We understand failure as part of the learning process, and give inexperienced contributors the benefit of the doubt. In a meritocracy, people don’t stop you from doing things–they support individuals in their pursuit of a goal, regardless of how wise that end goal might be.

OCWC Issues Awards

The OpenCourseWare Consortium has issued a press release announcing winners of Awards of OCW Excellence (ACE). From the press release:

The winners include the University of Sumatera Utara OpenCourseWare, the University of Michigan OERbit and the Universidad de Alicante OpenCourseWare.

CSCL Intro

Stian Haklev has a new post introducing CSCL, an open online course. From the post:

We have been planning this course for a very long time, and to see people sign up, begin to blog, engage with the readings (and each other), tweet, comment on the P2PU site etc, is very exciting and rewarding!

Defining Open Education

The website Techsual has a new post giving their own definition of open education. From the post:

I feel like people who are already professionals in their fields and already blogging, writing tutorials and making videos should be the teachers of the future. I think they’re the most qualified.

Thanks to superawesomenrd for the link.

Alternatives to Google Book Settlement

Pamela Samuelson has published an article exploring possible alternatives to the now failed Google Book Settlement. From the post:

This article explores a number of component parts of a legislative package that might accomplish many of the good things that the proposed settlement promised without the downsides that would have attended judicial approval of it.